Tannis villanova

She has been to war for this great nation she loves three times and has taken an oath that never expires. Tannis Villanova is more than willing to do the hard work for the people in Maryland District 5.

About Tannis VillanovA

Tannis is a 15-year Marine Veteran. 
During her tenure in the Marine Corps, she was involved in three combat tours to Iraq as a non-commissioned officer working in the Intelligence field.

She participated in humanitarian missions in the Philippines, supported efforts during the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and participated in training missions to the demilitarized zone. The Marine Corps is where her leadership abilities were sharpened. In addition, she developed a vast knowledge and appreciation of other cultures and their societal intricacies.  Wife of nineteen years to fellow Marine veteran Damien, they share three children; nine-year-old twins and a three-year-old.

In 2015, while completing undergraduate courses, she was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This diagnosis resulted in surgery and radiation therapy. Never backing down from a challenge, Tannis thrived under pressure. She was officially declared cancer-free in 2020 and earned her Master's in May 2021. To prove how far she had come from cancer, she ran her first Marine Corps Marathon in 2017. She continues to participate annually.

It wasn't until 2020 that Tannis became politically motivated. She realized that she could no longer watch things she disagreed with happening from the sidelines. She got involved. As of March 2021, she became a Republican Central Committee member in Calvert County volunteering for many of their functions which proved very self-enriching and informative.

In addition, Tannis volunteers with the Convention of States - A grassroots organization that wants to bring the power back to the states and limit the federal government's power.  Tannis is not a politician. She is a working-class citizen that wants to make sure the people are heard and understood in the halls of Congress.

A fresh wind needs to blow through the stagnant halls of Congress. Tannis Villanova believes it is time that “We the People” take a stand and reclaim the ground from career politicians. Tannis is a constitutionalist, Tannis is a patriot, Tannis is a conservative, and Tannis is a critical thinker. She believes in fair elections that include voter ID, she supports small businesses, and Tannis supports our local and state police officers.

As a Marine she has been to war for this great nation she loves three times and has taken an oath that never expires. Tannis Villanova is more than willing to do the hard work for the people of Maryland District 5.

    Our Values

    The values that drive everything we do

    Term Limits

    Propose that Congress have three consecutive terms.

    Propose that Senate have two consecutive terms.


    Assisting small businesses navigate through hyper-inflation.

    Get people back to work with the proper wages.

    Fixing our supply chain to get our economy moving again.

    Violence & Drugs

    Gun violence


    Stands with state and local police departments.


    Sponsor legislation to ensure the VA is fully equipped to help our veterans and combat veteran homelessness.

    Reinforcing suicide prevention amongst military members.

    Building awareness of available aid for our wounded service members.

    National Security

    Protecting our borders

    Protecting Constitutional Rights

    The Constitution is in place to protect our freedoms as Americans

    I took an oath to defend the Constitution, and it never expires

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